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WARNING: Don’t get caught braiding hair without a license or you can be fined $500.00 if caught by a state board inspector wherever you do hair!

Step 1: Call 863-666-0011 for the test link and pdf study guide

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You will receive your hair wrapping and hair braiding certifications. The reason you will need a hair wrapping certification is becuase if you plan on adding additional hair to the person’s natural hair (example- kanekaleon hair, beads, etc., the state requires you to have a hair wrapping license in addition to your hair braiding license

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If you are a beginner hair braider, we have a package deal just for you, please call me for rates .
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Question: I already have a hair braiding license, so do you offer the 6 hour Hair Wrapping Course?
Yes ,You will need this license if you plan on wrapping of manufactured materials around a strand or strands of human hair (example- Kanekalon , feathers, micros human hair, synthetic fiber hair, hair wraps, beads, etc)
Question: How old can I be to take the class and do I need a high school diploma or GED?
Answer: You must be at least 16 years old or have received a high school diploma. No you don’t need a GED or high school diploma
Question: Can I work in a salon or my home without a license?
Answer: No, you must have your license, if not, you can be fined $500 if caught without a license

Question: Can I do relaxers, perms, colors ,  fusions with my hair braiding license in Florida?
Answer: No, you will need a cosmetology license. That’s 1200 hours of school in the state of Florida. You can contact the Florida state legislator to see if the braiding law can be revised to also do sew-in weaves and dreadlocks
Question: How long does the license take to get to me
Answer:  Depending on your location, you should receive your license from the state of Florida in the mail between 2-4 weeks. Note: Once state board receives your application, your license will be in the database in less than 1 week.
Question: Why do I need to learn about sanitation issues ? I’m only braiding hair
Answer: Sanitation is the most IMPORTANT part of braiding a client’s hair and this course will teach you everything you need to know about how to properly discover scalp issues and more

Question: I don’t live in Lakeland, Florida, so what are other options if I live in Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, Panama City, West Palm Beach, Ft. Myers, Pensacola, Ocala, Clearwater, St. Pete, Tallahassee,  etc to take the course?
Answer: We can travel to your location or arrange another option if you call us 
Question: Do you offer 1 on 1 or advanced and beginner training hair braiding classes ?
Answer: Yes, I will show you my secret techniques that I know that make me alot of money

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Oklahoma, Ohio, Arkansas and overseas residents we can assist you with hair braiding license . Please call 863-666-0011

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